What is Melanotan 2? And why is it called the Barbie Doll drug?

Who wouldn’t love a nice and uniform tan? But most people don’t have time to spend so many hours out in the sun, get burned by overdoing it, and use self-tanning lotions that almost all the time leaves stripes and so on. And considering the continuous warning that UVs, coming from the sun and tanning capsules used in salons, are harmful, most people are discouraged when it comes to getting a tan. Still, it appears that the advances in medicine and technology discovered a new way of getting tanned, without the smallest effort. By simply using a small injection, your skin turns into a uniform tan, just like when you are returning from an exotic vacation.

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Is this possible? Yes, this is possible as some people say, with a drug called Melanotan 2. The product uses a hormone, which naturally occurs in the human body, exciting the melanocyte cells, the ones responsible for making our skin look tanned. All right, so if it is a natural human hormone, then it should be safe, right. Well, not exactly, and that is from a number of reasons. First of all, melanocytes are the ones responsible for triggering skin cancer. Now, this substance is rather provoking them, making our body more vulnerable to the diseases. There is even information that it may lower the efficiency of our immune system, which is entirely undesirable if we wish to keep cancer, and other diseases, away. So a person using Melanotan 2 may be more susceptible to illness, due to a precarious immune system. Also, this drug is not regulated in any way or approved by the FDA, Federal Drug Administration, to be safe for human use.


Still, there are many people using it already, due to the promise of enjoying a beautiful and fast tan. Melanotan 2 is available online in very many shops, and it is not expensive at all. So almost everybody is indulging in it, forgetting about raising any questions about its safety. It looks like most people are more concerned with their skin being tanned, then their overall health. Some of the lightest adverse symptoms the drug can give someone is a sensation of dizziness and nausea. You probably question yourself right from the beginning why the drug is called the Barbie Doll drug. Well, first of all, it gives you a perfectly tanned skin. But, the real reason behind this name is the fact that it gives a booster to your libido. Men can suffer from spontaneous, and prolonged erections and women can get aroused very frequently. You may see this as a not so bad aspect, but it is very uncomfortable when it happens at an inappropriate time, like a business meeting.

Besides these rather awkward and funny side-effects, there are some that are rather severe. For instance, the previously mentioned danger of developing cancer. There are no studies of what can happen if a person abuses the drug, like taking high dosages or uses it for an extended period. Some specialists say that it may even endanger your life. And probably it is not worth to take such a risk, just because you wanted to get tanned.



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